I’m an experienced direct marketer, copywriter and creative writer. I plan to post new writing here whenever possible. Please feel free to comment on whatever you see here.

I’ve lived in the Chicago area my entire life, graduating from Northwestern University in Evanston. I currently live in Naperville with my wife Kathy and my daughters Madeleine (Maddie) and Sophia (Sophie).

You can contact me directly at djuhl22@gmail.com.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. David, I am toying with the idea of going through the entire Night Gallery series – I’ve done this with several other shows in the past, and I’ve traditionally linked to the corresponding Wikipedia entries for the titles of each episode. However (as I’m sure you’ve discovered), Wikipedia is inadequate for Night Gallery, and yours is the best resource I’ve found – so, I’m going to be linking to your reviews, and recommending to my readers that they do so as well. Here is the thread:


    Note also that I wanted to email you, but I didn’t see any obvious way to do it – someone wanting to employ your services may need a better way to get in touch (just an FYI).

    Best regards,
    Don Rockwell

    • Thanks much, Don. I’m glad you like the reviews enough to steer your readers to them rather than Wikipedia’s. Also, thanks for pointing out I didn’t have an email address on my WordPress page; I’ve added it (it’s djuhl22@gmail.com). Thanks again.

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