Well, my nine-month project of reviewing every Night Gallery story is complete and now I wish to thank a few people.

To my readers on WordPress as these reviews were appearing, I thank you. In particular, Elaine Tyson, Janice Juhl (my mother) and Kathy Juhl (my wife). Yes, it’s been a small circle of regular readers but it’s never too late for anyone else to dive right in now that the gallery is complete.

Speaking of my wife, I want to thank her and my daughters, Maddie and Sophie, for putting up with me and all the time I have spent watching the episodes and writing the reviews. Your support has meant a lot as I have worked on, and now completed, this project.

To Scott Skelton and Jim Benson, co-authors of the definitive tome on the subject of Night Gallery — Rod Serling’s Night Gallery An After-Hours Tour. Gentlemen, your book has been an invaluable source of reference and inspiration for me. These reviews only touch the surface of the complete story you told in that book and anyone who reads my reviews and wants more information should consult your book.

To all who actually worked on Night Gallery to make it a reality for us lucky viewers. Too many people to mention, so I will cut it down to these three essential people: Jeannot Szwarc, for directing countless outstanding episodes. As my viewing of the series went on and I recognized Mr. Szwarc’s name as it kept appearing, I would hope that he would be directing the next segment I would see because it usually meant something wonderful was going to happen.

To series producer, the late Jack Laird: from what I have read in Mr. Skelton and Benson’s book, you devoted all your energy to this show to see it to fruition and without you, it would not have existed. You have my most sincere thanks.

And finally, to the late, great Rod Serling. You are the reason I first became interested in watching Night Gallery. I loved the Twilight Zone and when I discovered this show you did after, I knew I had to watch it. Your hosting bits were iconic and you wrote so many beautiful scripts for this series. I’m sorry to learn that in your final days you seemed to disavow much of it. I hope that in your final rest you are able to accept and appreciate what a wonderful gift you gave to the world with Night Gallery.

It’s been some hard work but mostly a blast watching and writing this. And that, friends, is all.