The final Night Gallery segment to review, this comic vignette actually manages to be somewhat amusing. “Witches’ Feast” is reviewed here.

“Witches’ Feast” **1/2

Written by Gene Kearney
Directed by Jerrold Freedman
Agnes Moorehead as Head Witch
Ruth Buzzi as Hungry Witch
Fran Ryan as Third Witch
Alision McKay as Fourth Witch

Originally airing at the end of the second season episode that featured “Class of ’99,” this comic vignette was replaced in its repeat airing, and on the second season DVD with “Satisfaction Guaranteed,” in my opinion, a slightly less-successful segment.

Three witches in heavy makeup, including Agnes Moorehead and Ruth Buzzi, cackle and howl their way around a bubbling cauldron as they toss in odd bits to be consumed in the final stew. Ruth Buzzi’s witch is famished to the point of hysteria as they await the arrival of a fourth with one final ingredient.

The final witch arrives and out of a brown paper bag, she produces—sandwiches from a deli. “Now who had ham on rye?” she asks.

What could have been the usual quickie clunker is stretched out to five minutes, giving Moorehead and Buzzi time to let us get to know their witches a bit, and we can’t help but smile as we share the fun they obviously had in filming this.