Night Gallery concluded its run with this “comic” blackout sketch, but don’t worry, there are a few “missing” segments left to cover. For now, “How to Cure the Common Vampire” is reviewed here.

“How to Cure the Common Vampire” *

Written & Directed by Jack Laird
Richard Deacon as the Man with the Mallet
Johnny Brown as the Man with the Stake

A two-minute quickie to end the series’ run, “How to Cure the Common Vampire” gives us a crew of vampire hunters as they approach a coffin deep in a rocky subterranean basement. Or dungeon. As they open the coffin’s lid, we hear the loud snores of its inhabitant. A large stake is solemnly passed to a man with a mallet. As the would-be executioner is about to do his deed, he turns to the other man and nervously asks, “Are you sure?” to which the other man replies, “Well, it couldn’t hurt.” Ha ha. End of series. But as I said, a few more tidbits to come…