A young Lindsay Wagner at least has a cute English accent in the Night Gallery vignette, “Smile, Please,” reviewed here.

“Smile, Please” **

Written & Directed by Jack Laird
Cesare Danova as the Man
Lindsay Wagner as the Girl

Down a tight, crumbling stairwell in an old mansion, an older man and young camera-carrying woman descend to a waiting coffin. “Just think– I’ll be the first person in history to ever photograph a genuine vampire!” she gushes excitedly.

Her excitement is abruptly cut off at the sight of the coffin—open and empty. She wonders how she’ll get that photo with the vampire absent. “Oh, but he is here. And you shall have your photograph just as I promised,” the man says knowingly. He straightens himself, looks at the young woman and says “cheese,” revealing—you guessed it—vampire fangs.

If there’s one bright spot to this so-far disappointing third season, it’s that in its shorter, 30-minute format, Night Gallery rarely had to fill time with these blackout sketches. And this one is one of the better of a consistently bad lot, thanks basically to Lindsay Wagner being fetching.