Another Night Gallery would-be comic blackout sketch involving Dracula, “A Matter of Semantics” is reviewed here in as little time and space as possible.

“A Matter of Semantics” *

Written by Gene R. Kearney
Directed by Jack Laird
Cesar Romero as Count Dracula
E. J. Peaker as the Nurse
Monie Ellis as the Candy-Striper

Count Dracula (Cesar Romero) is greeted at a blood bank by a nurse who tells him not to worry because it’s “only one pint.” Dracula says just one pint won’t do, why not three? The confused nurse replies, “I can see this is the first time you’ve given.” “Young lady, this is a blood bank,” the Count counters. “I wish to apply for a loan.”

Har-de-har-har. And supposedly Steven Spielberg directed this two-and-a half minute vignette but lucky for him, Jack Laird somehow gets that “credit” instead.