A vignette between two heavier longer, stories, this is one of many would-be black comedy misfires from series producer, and sometime scriptwriter Jack Laird.

“Miss Lovecraft Sent Me” *

Written by Jack Laird
Directed by Gene R. Kearney
Joseph Campanella as the Vampire
Sue Lyon as Betsy

A Dracula-esque vampire (the usually distinguished Joseph Campanella) answers the door for a babysitter, bubblegum-popping young Sue Lyon (Lolita) who announces “Miss Lovecraft sent me. I’m from the agency.” Ho-ho, Miss Lovecraft—a horror inside joke referencing renowned author H.P. Lovecraft. And ho-ho, Count Dracula answering the door and expecting a babysitter.

The vampire explains that “sonny” can be difficult at times. The babysitter suggests reading the lad a bedtime story. While dad goes upstairs to his son, Betsy notices the books in the bookshelves, filled with satanic titles. Although she didn’t bat an eye at Dracula answering the door, his taste in literature spooks her so badly that combined with the growling noises from upstairs, she bolts out of the house.

Hey, at least from start to finish, this one is just three and a half minutes.